Alyson Stoner Did Not Audition for Hannah Montana

Alyson Stoner took a few moment to clear up some rumors about her and Miley Cyrus. She wanted to let all of us know that she did NOT audition for Hannah Montana. She says, “Maybe I’ll be on it one day, but for now, that’s a rumor!”

She then signed some autographs and took pictures with fans. TCSB loves Alyson Stoner!! :)

Hannah Montana Auditions for Fall Episodes

Miley Cyrus can't wait to get her shoes off after a hard days dancing

Auditions information for the fall 2008 season of Hannah Montana is now available. Here’s the info you need thanks to the Film and Television Auditions Blog:

The Hannah Montana TV Series is back and is now casting for the upcoming Fall 2008 season.

The following roles are currently available (all speaking roles):

Episode #301: “Ready, Set, Don’t Drive”

KELSEY: Adorable 11 year old girl, interrogates Miley at police station. Ethnicity open.

ED: Middle aged man, ethnicity open. Driving Instructor teaching Miley to drive. He feels taken advantage of and unappreciated.

CUTE GIRL: Cute 12-14 year old girl, ethnicity open.

GOVERNOR: Arnold Schwarzenegger look alike from behind (we only see him from behind).

GOVERNOR (VOICE OVER): Arnold Schwarzenegger voice impersonator.

Check out the rest of the Audition info below. Read more…



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