Hannah Montana Movie Sneak Peek

Check out this sneak peek of the Hannah Montana Movie. Miley Cyrus was filming a scene at the Santa Monica Pier for Lily’s 16th birthday. She keeps asking Lily to come up on stage.

It’s so cool to see a scene from the movie. But, we all have to wait until May 1st to see it in the theaters.

Miley Cyrus Filming Scenes for Hannah Montana Movie

Hollywood.tv caught on tape Miley Cyrus at the Santa Monica Pier filming some scenes for the Hannah Montana Movie. You can see her and her little sister Noah riding a roller coaster and having loads of fun! Miley is all decked out in her Hannah Montana wig.

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Miley Cyrus and Lucas Till Pictures

Check out these pictures of Miley Cyrus and Lucas Till on the set of Hannah Montana the Movie. They really do look cute together, but it is a possibility that they are just good friends. I do have a feeling that when this movie comes out, we are going to see some chemistry between these two on set.

What do you think….are they dating or not?

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Cute Candids of Miley Cyrus in Malibu

Some of the cutest pictures of Miley Cyrus ever are being taken while she is in Malibu filming scenes for her Hannah Montana Movie. She looks so fresh and young and like she is having a great time. Now THIS is the Miley Cyrus that I remember! I love seeing her out and about and smiling again. I think it’s great that she had this movie to take her mind off of things. Miley has a strong fan base, myself included, so I think she’ll be fine.

Clip of Miley Cyrus Filming Scene for Hannah Montana the Movie

Here’s a clip from the set of “Hannah Montana The Movie“. I can’t believe we have to wait until May 1, 2009 to see this movie! Argh. This beach scene looks like a blast!

Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana Surf Board Switch!

Miley Cyrus did a little surfboard switcheroo going from Miley Stewart to Hannah Montana! I love these pictures of her as HM. So cute! Thanks to Just Jared for the pics!

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Miley Cyrus in Malibu, Filming Scenes for Hannah Montana

Miley Cyrus was in Malibu filming some scenes for her upcoming movie “Hannah Montana: The Movie“. These are the most shots we have seen from the movie set. Everything is being kept under wraps so well, but not this time!

This looks like a really fun scene on the beach. There is one picture of her sitting next to her on-screen romance named Lucas Till. He is such a handsome guy!

It will be cool to see this scene in the movie and doesn’t Miley look great being carried on a surf board by all those guys. Man, I bet that was a hard scene for her to film, lol. I guess somebody’s gotta do it.

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