Jonas Brothers in the Audience at 2008 MTV Video Music Awards

Thanks to JonasHQ for these great Jonas Brothers pictures! The Jonas Brothers were mingling with other stars in the audience at the 2008 MTV Video Musica Awards. Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift were also sitting together as you can see. Those two look adorable together! More pics under. Read more…

Jonas Brothers Triple Date!

The picture is PROOF! It seems the Jonas Brothers went on a little triple date at Tao. When you go to Tao, you know you are going to be photographed. It’s a huge celebrity hot spot.

So who was with who? Joe Jonas was with Taylor Swift, Kevin Jonas was (reportedly) with Danielle and Nick Jonas was with Selena Gomez.

What do you think? Were they all on a date together, or just good friends hanging out?

Demi Lovato Checks Out Joe Jonas’ New Creation

Demi Lovato has updated her vlog! Her and Nick Jonas walk in and I think she says, “And that’s when Mr. T ate my sister“. What?! Then they check out Joe Jonas‘ new creation. LOL! Funny stuff!

Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez Saucy Emails & Texts

Supposedly Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez, aka Nelena, have been sending saucy emails and texts to each other. Think it’s true? Are the two really dating?!? No one knows for sure, but I am guessing YES!!!

Jonas Brothers Unveil Wax Figures at Madame Tussauds

The Jonas Brothers unveil wax figures at Madame Tussauds in DC

Today was a big day for the Jonas Brothers! When you have a wax figure at Madame Tussauds, you have arrived right? Today the JBs unveiled their wax figures. What do you think? Is there a resemblance?

More pictures after the jump. Read more…

Jonas Brothers on Radio Disney

The Jonas Brothers were on Radio Disney talking about all kinds of cool stuff. We found out that Joe Jonas received a motorcycle with side car for his 19th birthday. The JBs also informed us that a lot of helmets were given too. Safety first!

Part 2 below the cut. Read more…

Better Pictures of Nick Jonas in Top Hat

Nick Jonas filming on a horse and carriage in New York City

Close up shots of Nick Jonas filming in Central Park. You can see the other pictures here.

More pics below. Read more…

Nick Jonas Drives a Horse and Buggy

Fans go crazy as Nick Jonas drives a horse carriage at Central Park in music video

Take a look at the very handsome Nick Jonas who is driving a horse and buggy in Central Park. It’s either for a music video or for their 3D movie. I am seeing people saying it’s one or the other.

Fans were going nuts as Nick was driving through the streets of New York in this thing. And why wouldn’t they? It’s Nick Jonas!!

More pics below. Read more…

Nick Jonas Houston Hot Hits Interview

Nick Jonas was interviewed on Houston Hot Hits 95. Thanks Kim!

Popstar Asked the Jonas Brothers About Their Dreams

What a funny funny clip from Popstar! They asked the Jonas Brothers if they ever have recurring dreams. Maybe you think they might say being up on stage in their underwear or forgetting the words to a song, but oh no, not even close!

Joe said that he has a dream about a frog that chases him across lilly pads. Kevin calls him Froggyman, lol. And Nick…well Kevin lets up know that when Nick was 10, he once dreamed about slave drivers taking him away. “Not s’posed to talk about that…” Nick says before laughing.

Too funny!! I love it.

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