Gossip Girls 2.01 ‘Summer, Kind of Wonderful’

2.01 Part 1

Did you watch the season 2 premiere of Gossip Girl last night? What did you think? The CW took a chance by debuting their fall schedule 3 weeks before every one else, AND on Labor Day when most TV ratings are low anyway.

Taking this risk seemed to pay off. Watch Gossip Girl 2.01 “Summer, Kind of Wonderful” below and read the ratings. Read more…

Kristen Bell on Regis & Kelly

Kristen Bell is just everywhere these days! I am so glad she has a new movie coming out. It means we get to see more of her.

Kristen visited Regis & Kelly this morning. Her blue dress was beautiful! She talked about how her new movie, “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” is making the real Sarah Marshalls of the world not so happy. Do you know a Sarah Marshall? I sure don’t.

Here’s her interview in 2 parts:

Part 1

Part 2 after the jump.
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Kristen Bell on Letterman

Kristen Bell was on Letterman last night talking about her new movie “Forgetting Sarah Marshall“. She looked gorgeous and all grown up. Kristen had been living in Los Angeles for 6 years and got a sub-let apartment and moved to New York to film her new movie. She said it has been quite an experience using other people’s stuff and living in New York.

Her movie sounds really funny and I will definitely be going to see this one! “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” opens in theaters this Friday, April 18th!

Kristen Bell Lobbied for ‘Gossip Girl’ Job

Premiere Of Universal's "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" - Arrivals
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Kristen Bell admitted that she had no problem asking the CW for a job shortly after they canceled “Veronica Mars” (which was one of my all-time favorite shows that I never missed and I am still ticked that they canceled it!!!!).

Bell is the narrator for the hit show “Gossip Girl“. How did she get the job?

I was just about to leave for Hawaii and I had heard about ‘Gossip Girl’ and that there was a narrator and I knew I probably couldn’t play 16 any more, but I called (the head of The CW) up and I said: ‘Remember last week when you canceled “Veronica Mars?” I happen to be out of work this fall. Can I have the narrating job?’ I just pitched myself for it,” Bell told reporters in Los Angeles recently.

I’m not an idiot. I’ve got a mortgage to pay. I was kind of like, I don’t want to be out of work for six months.”

Kristen Bell has also been seen on “Heroes” and will soon be seen on the big screen in the comedy “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”.

We better see more of Ms. Bell. She’s one of my favs!



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