Will There Be a Drake & Josh Movie?

Miranda Cosgrove recently talked to Popstar about all kinds of things. They chatted about the second season of iCarly, her co-stars and also the possibility of a Drake and Josh movie!

When asked about the movie, Miranda says, “I don’t know all of the details or anything, but I’m really excited! I hope it works out. It would be a lot of fun and to get to work with them again would be really cool. I actually see them quite a bit. When we first finished Drake & Josh I was really upset because I thought I was going to miss themso much. But luckily I’ve gotten to see them a lot. And they’re both supposed to direct an episode of my show next season so that’ll be fun!

I think a Drake & Josh movie would be great! Unfortunetely I doubt it would be the caliber of High School Musical but Josh Peck, Drake Bell and Miranda Cosgrove have a lot of fans who love the show!

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