MTV Interviews HSM3’s Jemma McKenzie-Brown

MTV news interview with High School Musical 3 newbie Jemma McKenzie-Brown. She plays Tiara, Sharpay’s personal assistant.

They asked Jemma what it was like meeting the rest of the cast and if she is ready to be as big of a star as they are. She said that at first she was really nervous to meet them and be around them every day, but then when she got to know them, she realized they were just normal people. She also said that the idea of being a big star is just too big to comprehend. I bet it is!

High School Musical 3: Senior Year
will be in theaters nationwide October 24, 2008!

Demi Lovato, Jemma McKenzie-Brown MTV Interviews

Here’s Demi Lovato and Jemma McKenzie-Brown’s interview with MTV.



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