DC Games Inside Track with Jason Dolley

Cody Linley interviews Jason Dolley on the Inside Track for the 2008 Disney Channel Games. Jason shows us his neat water sound trick and Cody mentions how he gets mistaken for Jason all of the time.

Facts You Might Not Know About Jason Dolley


See if you knew these facts about “Cory in the House” cutie Jason Dolley that he shared with Popstar!:

  • He wouldn’t change the past - “I would go back and revisit something, like a childhood memory.”
  • He’s not planning a music career - “I think music is more of a hobby for me right now. I think acting will be the focus for me for the rest of my life - that’s my dream. Things could change, but at this point no [music career].”
  • His brother is planning a music career - Jason has three older brothers. One of his brothers is really into music and could be the next big thing on the music scene some day!
  • He likes being in costume - He says being in costume was his favorite thing about Minutemen. “Anything where I’m in the snowsuit [was my favorite part]. It felt like a super hero uniform!
  • He loves riddles - “I’ll call us [my Minutemen co-star] Dexter and we’ll talk riddles for hours!

Do you feel like you know Jason a bit better? I sure do!

Jason Dolley and Mitchel Musso Pair Up for ‘Hatching Pete’

Disney Channel cuties Jason Dolley and Mitchel Musso are teaming up for a new Disney movie called “Hatching Pete“. Jason plays Pete, who’s a shy high school student and Mitchel plays his best friend. They are filming the movie in Utah, right next door to High School Musical 3: Senior Year! That is awesome!

I hope this is a good movie. I would love to see these two sweethearts have a hit!




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