Jamie Lynn Spears Mother/Daughter Shopping Trip

Jamie Lynn Spears, mom Lynne and baby daughter Maddie Briann bonded over some shopping time this weekend in McComb, Mississippi.

Jamie wore a black and white polka dotted dress, and mama Lynne pushed baby Maddie around in her stroller.

Apparently Jamie Lynn has been a fast food junkie lately and people are starting to worry about her health. +8 pictures below and more of the story. Thanks to Celebrity-Gossip for the pics! Read more…

OK Magazine Outakes with Jamie Lynn Spears

Here are some OK Magazine outtakes with Jamie Lynn Spears and baby Maddie. There’s also a couple with Casey Aldridge. These pictures are gorgeous!

Reports are coming out that Jamie Lynn is already shutting out everything else to focus on her baby. She was supposedly unhappy with the OK Magazine photo shoot because she didn’t want her daughter thrust into the Hollywood scene so early, or at all for that matter, but she had already agreed to it.

A report from Life & Style is suggesting that Jamie Lynn is doing a fantastic job as a mother and she is trying to adjust to motherhood and living with her fiance Casey Aldridge.

Everything is for Maddie now,” says the insider.  “As soon as you walk into her house, you have to take off your shoes, wash your hands and pull back your hair.  Jamie Lynn doesn’t want anything to harm Maddie.”

More pictures of the outtakes below. Thanks to Jamie-Spears.com for the pictures! Read more…

Jamie Lynn Spears OK Magazine Spread, Meet Maddie Spears!

Here is the first picture of Jamie Lynn Spears baby, Maddie Spears from OK! Magazine. She is so cute and from the article, it really sounds like Jamie Lynn and Casey Aldridge will be good parents. I hope they continue to have the support around them that they do now! Thanks Jamie-Spears.com for the scans!

More pictures of Maddie Spears below.

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Picture of Jamie Lynn Spears Engagement Ring

Here’s an up close look at the engagement ring that Casey Aldridge gave to Jamie Lynn Spears. It’s a beauty and it’s estimated that it’s worth $10 - $15,000 buck-a-roos! It is gorgeous! Great choice Casey. :)

Jamie Lynn Spears’ First Mother’s Day

Jamie Lynn Spears, her fiance Casey Aldridge and his mom and sister celebrated Mother’s Day by attending a church in Gloster, Mississippi.

Jamie Lynn is looking very pregnant and rather cute in her black and white polka dotted dress with a little white cardigan. And she seems to be picking smarter shoes. We saw her the other day in bright yellow high heels. Ouch! Those black flats definitely look more comfortable for a mom-to-be.

I hope she enjoyed the service and that the church prayed over her, ’cause she’s going to need it once that baby comes!!

Jamie Lynn Spears’ Mom Speaks up About Pregnancy

Lynne Spears, Jamie Lynn Spears’ mom, finally has spoken up about  her daughter’s current situation.

Lynne Spears tells Life & Style Magazine, “I’m a bit disappointed that my youngest daughter got pregnant at such an early age. All I can do is turn to God for answers and just leave it in his hands.

“Jamie Lynn will be a wonderful mother she really has a way with children — she’s a natural nurturer. I just wish she had waited a bit.

Lynne also mentions her other daughter, Britney:

She said, “I pray for Britney every day to be a better mother.

“She’s gone through a lot of trauma, but she seems to be coming out of it — and it’s showing in her relationship with the boys. They’re really bonding. I think 2008 will be a better year for all of us.”

So, do you think Lynne is to blame for all of her daughter’s troubles?

Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge Stalked by Paparazzi in the Back Woods

This is sad and just ridiculous. This is a clip of Jamie Lynn Spears and her fiance Casey Aldridge being stalked by paparazzi in the back woods of Mississippi. There is a line and the paps just crossed it.

Is Casey Aldridge Marrying Jamie Lynn Spears for Her Money?

jamie lynn spears candids The National Enquirer is saying that Casey Aldridge is marrying Jamie Lynn Spears in order to take control of her finances. Supposedly he is upset that Jamie Lynn tried to cut him out of the multi-million dollar baby picture magazine deal.

A family insider says:

Casey thought the money from pictures and interviews would go for Jamie Lynn, the baby and him, but he hasn’t seen a dime. He wants to know where all the money-and all the future money will go.. He thinks the only way to do that is to marry Jamie Lynn.”

Anytime a non-celeb marries a celeb someone says it’s for the money. In reality, none of us know and I bet that family “insider” is an insider wannabe.


Jamie Lynn Spears Gets Baby Advice from Solange


Beyonce Knowles little sister Solange knows what it’s like to be a teenage mother and she is now passing on her knowledge and experience to the pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears.

You just have to make the best decisions for you. You have to decide what’s best for you,” says a now 21-year-old Solange. “Who are we to say what’s right and wrong for a person?”

“My son has been my focus ever since the day he was born,” she added. “He has been the light of my life, the inspiration behind everything.”

I am sure Jamie Lynn is going to need all the support she can get as she is nearing becoming a very young mom. Jamie Lynn and fiance Casey Aldrige are reportedly house hunting and the rumor is they are expecting a girl.

Jamie Lynn Spears and Fiance Are House Hunting

Us Weekly Hot Hollywood 2007
Image details: Us Weekly Hot Hollywood 2007 served by picapp.com

Reports are saying that Jamie Lynn Spears and fiance Casey Aldridge are house hunting in Mississippi. They want to welcome their first child into a new home. It’s being said that the couple has already made an offer on a 3 bedroom home in Liberty. What’s the price? $300,000 and the home has a loft, marble floors, remodeled kitchen and a game room. Sounds nice! An insider says, “Jamie Lynn is really excited over having a home of her own.”

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