Clique Girlz Episode 9: The Girls Get Guitars

Paris, Destinee and Ariel head to Guitar Center in Los Angeles in Episode 9 of Clique Girlz TV. Destinee’s dream of getting a Les Paul finally comes true as the girls jam on some guitars and then rock an impromptu performance in the store.

Clique Girlz in Episode 8

Here is the Clique Girlz episode 8 of CG TV. This week the girls take us behind the scenes into the green room and sound check. They also do a bit of fundraising. If you would like to find out more about the girls, visit their official website where you can read their blog and see some exclusive photos.

In other Clique Girlz news, their song “Incredible” was recently featured on the hit show “So You Think You Can Dance.

Clique Girlz Get Fitted - TV Episode Number 5

The Clique Girlz - Paris, Destinee and Ariel - take you behind the scenes of their first official fitting. This is episode #5 of Clique Girlz TV.

If you haven’t heard of the Clique Girlz yet, or don’t know much about them, hang on, because you will. They recently released “Incredible” on iTunes and made their television debut performing it on The Today Show.

Be sure and check out the rest of their videos here.



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