Hannah Montana Auditions for Fall Episodes

Miley Cyrus can't wait to get her shoes off after a hard days dancing

Auditions information for the fall 2008 season of Hannah Montana is now available. Here’s the info you need thanks to the Film and Television Auditions Blog:

The Hannah Montana TV Series is back and is now casting for the upcoming Fall 2008 season.

The following roles are currently available (all speaking roles):

Episode #301: “Ready, Set, Don’t Drive”

KELSEY: Adorable 11 year old girl, interrogates Miley at police station. Ethnicity open.

ED: Middle aged man, ethnicity open. Driving Instructor teaching Miley to drive. He feels taken advantage of and unappreciated.

CUTE GIRL: Cute 12-14 year old girl, ethnicity open.

GOVERNOR: Arnold Schwarzenegger look alike from behind (we only see him from behind).

GOVERNOR (VOICE OVER): Arnold Schwarzenegger voice impersonator.

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