Ashley Tisdale at the Studio - September 8th

Ashley Tisdale at the studio on September 8th.

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Random: Joe Jonas Wrestles Big Rob

Yep, very random. I have no stinkin’ clue what this video is about. I just like watching Joe Jonas wrestle Big Rob.

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Vanessa Hudgens Arrives in Mexico for Concert

It looks like Vanessa Hudgens was greeted by quite a crowd when she landed in Mexico. She’s there for a concert. Wish I was there to see her!

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Miley Cyrus & Katy Perry Pre-Show VMAs

Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry shared a limo to the 2008 MTV VMAs. Here’s a clip of them getting out of the limo and their interview with Taylor Swift.

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Miley Cyrus Driveway, Simple Song Stripped!

Miley Cyrus singing Driveway, a totally STRIPPED performance. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and Simple Song under. Thanks Gabs!

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Selena Gomez at LAX Airport

It’s Selena Gomez at the LAX airport!

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Clip of the Jonas Brothers on Ellen

The Jonas Brothers were on Ellen yesterday and I missed it! Argh. And today they were in London. These boys travel fast!
Michelle OBAMA was a guest and her girls are HUGE Jonas Brothers fans.
The boys danced and performed. Watch clips of their performances: Love Bug and Burnin’ Up below.

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Jonas Brothers in the Audience at 2008 MTV Video Music Awards

Thanks to JonasHQ for these great Jonas Brothers pictures! The Jonas Brothers were mingling with other stars in the audience at the 2008 MTV Video Musica Awards. Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift were also sitting together as you can see. Those two look adorable together! More pics under.

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Jonas Brothers Post-MTV VMA Party Pictures

The Jonas Brothers hit up the post-MTV VMA party and ran into Michael Phelps! How cool is that? More pictures from the party under. Thanks to JonasHQ for the pics!

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Jordan Pruitt Going on Gymnastics Superstar Tour

Jordan Pruitt updated her personal blog. Check it out:
‘Hey guys, I am getting ready to go on the 2008 Gymnastics Superstars Tour! We are heading to rehearsals tomorrow:} for several weeks and I will be flying out to my other shows! I am so excited to meet the US Gymnastics Team. They were amazing in […]

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