Zac Efron "Seventeen Again" Video

Here is a great video from the set of “Seventeen Again” with Zac Efron. He tells us that he WILL dance in the movie. Yay! That’s good news.

He also talks about his dad being a dork, High School Musical 3 and a few other things. :D

Miley Cyrus, Mario Lopez Attend Randy Jackson Event


Look at those dimples! I am totally swooning. I have always been a Mario Lopez fan. Miley Cyrus and her best friend Many Jiroux, attended Randy Jackson Presents America’s Best Dance Crew event on Tuesday. Miley ran into Mario Lopez and Hayden Panettiere. Her and Mario look pretty cozy, but he’s way too old for her. :D

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miley-cyrus-pictures-01 miley-cyrus-pictures-02 miley-cyrus-pictures-03 miley-cyrus-pictures-04 miley-cyrus-pictures-05 miley-cyrus-pictures-06

Source: Miley Fans

Miley Cyrus and Dad Tend to Lost Puppy

miley-cyrus-candids-01 miley-cyrus-candids-02

How sweet is this? Miley Cyrus and her dad Billy Ray tend to a lost puppy on February 27th. Very cute dog! I’ll take it!

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miley-cyrus-candids-03 miley-cyrus-candids-04 miley-cyrus-candids-04 miley-cyrus-candids-05 miley-cyrus-candids-06

Source: Miley Fans

First Released Picture of Zac Efron from "Me and Orson Welles"!


Here is the very first picture of Zac Efron from his new movie ‘Me and Orson Welles”. This picture is from the Gaiety Theater in the Isle of Man.

Sources: oceanUp and IsleofManToday

New Hannah Montana Episode - "(We’re So Sorry) Uncle Earle"

It’s about darn time! A new episode of Hannah Montana will air on the Disney Channel March 21st. Here’s a video slide show of some spoiler pictures.

Source: Disney Society

Vanessa Hudgens Rehearsing for Will


Thanks to VanAshBreNique for these awesome shots of Vanessa Hudgens rehearsing for her role on Will.


Blake Lively Attends DIRECTV Celebrity Beach Bowl


In January, Blake Lively attended the DirecTV Celebrity Beach Bowl. She attended the event with her father and from the way she is smiling. It appears she had a great time!

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blake-lively-directv-celebrity-beach-bowl-02 blake-lively-directv-celebrity-beach-bowl-03 blake-lively-directv-celebrity-beach-bowl-04 blake-lively-directv-celebrity-beach-bowl


Video: The Miley and Mandy Show - Another One!

These girls are so funny. Here’s another webisode of The Miley and Mandy Show featuring Miley Cyrus and um, Mandy!

As we learned in the Barbara Walters interview, Miley has her own wing to her house. I wonder if she is filming these there.

Zac Efron on the Set of "Me and Orsen Welles"


Check out these pictures of Zac Efron on the set of the new movie he is filming “Me and Orson Welles”. I’m not so sure about his short haircut. Maybe he’ll grow it back out after he’s done with the movie.

“Me and Orson Welles” is set to be released in 2009. Zac’s co-star is Claire Daines. I haven’t seen Claire in anything for quite some time. Should be interesting to see the two of them work together.

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zac-efron-me-and-orson-welles-02 zac-efron-me-and-orson-welles-03

Source: Gossip Girls

Video: Blake Lively Sighting

This video is about a week old, but hey, we love Blake Lively! Here’s Blake Lively on the set of Gossip Girls. Apparently the crowd loves Blake too. Lots of screaming!

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