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Disney Society is giving away a Hannah Montana ‘Decor in a Box’ Set to one lucky winner. Head over to the contest by clicking here. Contest wraps up on January 31st and the drawing will be held on February 1st. Enter to win just by leaving a comment!

Good luck! :)

New Zoey 101 Airs This Sunday Night!

CropperCapture[247] If you are a Zoey 101 or Jamie Lynn Spears fan, then you will want to tune in this Sunday night for a new episode.

If you watched the last episode entitled ‘Goodbye Zoey’, then you know that the show ended with Zoey in London and Chase saying that he loved her. This was a great episode and we watched it a couple of times.

Be sure and watch and then come back here and we’ll chat about the show.

Jonas Brothers Video ‘When You Look me in the Eyes’


Here’s the Jonas Brothers’ video "When You Look me in the Eyes" that Disney aired tonight after Minutemen. It’s a great video that was shot in black and white.


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Teen Arrested Because of Possible Attack at Miley Cyrus Concert

miley-cyrus-picture-01 Wow! Very interesting news today. Authorities arrested a teenage boy in Nashville, TN today after he said he was planning to hijack and airplane in order to commit suicide.

He indicated he wanted to die in Louisiana and it is reported that he had a ticket to Louisiana. A couple of news stations indicated that he wanted to crash the airliner into the Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana concert in Louisiana.

The teen was found with handcuffs, duct tape and a rope.

Someone please get this boy some help. This is a sad and scary story.

Possible New Characters for High School Musical 3

I don’t know how accurate this is, but who cares! It’s some High School Musical 3 news and I’ll take what I can get.

These are 3 possible new characters for High School Musical 3:

Tiara- a transfer student to East High
(could be from Brooklyn,Texas or anywhere in between). Tiara is obsessed with Sharpay and is in many ways a mini version of her. Tiara starts out sweet and eager to help Sharpay as much as possible but soon turns into quite a diva herself a la Eve Harrington. She is very intelligent and wise beyond her years.

Jimmie “The Rocket” Soto - a sophomore, wiry kid with a lot of energy.
He is likeable but socially awkward (think Michael Cera). Jimmy is a basketball player who envies Troy Bolton. Troy sees something in Jimmy that most people don’t. Jimmy has not grown into himself. He is like the lost puppy you want to take in and care for.

Donny Fox- sophomore and another basketball player
Athletic and Jimmy’s partner in crime. Donny looks up to Chad. He is a contrast to Jimmy’s awkwardness.

What do you think about these characters?

via Disney Society

VIDEO - Abigail Breslin Talks About Definitely Maybe


Here’s a video of Abigail Breslin talking about her new movie Definitely Maybe.


Pictures of Zac Efron on the Set of Seventeen

Now that Zac Efron is all better after his recent surgery, he is back on the set filming his new movie Seventeen. Check out that yellow Lamborghini! Nice.

zac-efron-on-set-of-seventeen-01 zac-efron-on-set-of-seventeen-02 zac-efron-on-set-of-seventeen-03 zac-efron-on-set-of-seventeen-04 zac-efron-on-set-of-seventeen-05

via Zac-E

Blake Lively at Fashion Week

Here are a few photos of Blake Lively at Fashion Week in Paris. She looked as gorgeous as ever! She was at both the Chanel and Valentino event.


blake-lively-at-fashion-week-01 blake-lively-at-fashion-week-02 blake-lively-at-fashion-week-03 blake-lively-at-fashion-week-04


via Blake-Lively.net


VIDEO - Vanessa Hudgens Neutrogena Ad



I love this Neutrogena ad with Vanessa Hudgens. Here’s the video of the actual ad and then some behind the scenes footage. Enjoy!




Behind the Scenes Footage




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